For further information regarding my models and their plans, which some of them are for sale,
please donít hesitate to contact me.


The hereafter mentioned  Plans, I have updated in 2010 (more details and more sheets).
(4 large sheets now, instead of 3. Dural tube wingjoiners now), B-17 (4 larger sheets. Dural tube wingjoiners now), P-61 (6 large sheets now, instead of 5).

My New Project the A-26B Invader (142" span) is ready now, and had his Maiden 27 Mai 2015. The Plan is available now (28 March 2017).

 Sheet 1 of my large plans;   (click on text for PDF file) 

 Short Sunderland (1/10th=136")     B-17 Flying Fortress (1/10th=125")      P-61 Black Widow (1/6,6th=122")   A-26B Invader (1/5,9th=142") 
sheet 1 of 4                                                sheet 1 of 4                                      sheet 1 of 6                                        sheet 1 of 5 (extra large)  
(for my 1/8th, I copied some parts with 125%,
 no plan available. You have to do the same as I did !
                                                          See Technical Solutions  & B-17 Flying Fortress)
                                                  Others are selling my
old plans & Illegal ! !



Short Sunderland:

Geoff Reicheltís homepage

Short Sunderland; Flying-Boat Queen

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The Flying Porcupine

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress:

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Photos 909

Warbird Registry B-17
B-17 Homepage of CB

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Northrop P-61 Black Widow:      

P-61 The Final Kill.  August 14th 1945

P-61 Restoration  Mid-Atlantic Air Museum (USA)

Warbird Registry P-61

The Black Widow Survivors

Northrop P-61 / F-15 Black Widow

P-61 Video tour

Douglas A-26B Invader;

A-26B Invader, Project Thunderstorm

A-26B Invader. Project Thunderstorm  (2)

A-26 Invader Restauration

A-26 Invader  Google

R/C Warbirds:

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 R/C modelling general: 

Modelbouwgids site (Dutch modelling internet guide)

Modelvliegen site  (Dutch modelflying internet guide)

Laser Engines  (British manufacturer for 4-stroke model engines)

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Tower Hobbies  (USA)

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Jan Hermkens PDF books (NL)

Flash Eindhoven,  (NL)  

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