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My Own Calculation methodes;  Which fuel Engine for our Models ?;
(NL) Mijn Rekenmethodes; Welke Motor (brandstof) voor onze Modellen. (PDF Jan Hermkens)
(D) Meine Rechenmethoden; Welcher Motor (verbrenner) fuer unseren Modellen. (PDF
Jan Hermkens)
Unfortunately not yet in english.

Prop Converter + RPM-Speed-Pitch Monografie;
(NL) Prop Converter + Toerental-Speed-Spoed Monografie (PDF Jan Hermkens)
(D) Prop Converter + Umdrehungen-Speed-Steigung Monografie (PDF Jan Hermkens)

Zwaartepunt; Uittekenen of Berekenen. Calculating or drawing C.G.
Zwaartepunt Berekenen-Tekenen (Jan)
. (PDF
Jan Hermkens)
Zwaartepunt Berekenen-Tekenen Dubbeldekker (Biplane). (PDF Jan Hermkens)

Some of my Own drawn Plans;
The hereafter mentioned  Plans have been updated in 2010 (more details and more sheets) ;
Sunderland (4 large sheets now, instead of 3), B-17 (4 larger sheets), P-61 (6 large sheets now, instead of 5)

But only the first Sheet of each plan. For buying the whole plan see; Contact-Plans-links.

Short Sunderland    ; 1/10th.  Span 3,45m (136").  Sheet 1 of 4 (PDF Jan Hermkens)
B-17 Flying Fortress; 1/10th.  Span 3,17m (125").  Sheet 1 of 4 (PDF
Jan Hermkens)
P-61 Black Widow   ; 1/6,6th. Span 3,10m (122").  Sheet 1 of 6 (PDF
Jan Hermkens)
A-26B Invader ; 1/5,9th. Span 3,60m (142").  Sheet 1 of 5 (PDF Jan Hermkens)

Others are selling my old plans or Illegal ! !

Convert-Mix Tables for Colors & Color Chips;

Convert-Mix Color table; USAAF & US Navy-Marines Colors to RAL + Colorchips  (PDF Jan Hermkens)
Umstell- Mischtabelle USAAF & US Navy-Marines Farben auf RAL + Farbchips (PDF Jan Hermkens)

Convert-Mix Color table; Royal Air Force. Britisch Standard Nr. 381C + Colorchips (PDF Jan Hermkens
Umstell Farb-Tabelle Royal Air Force. Britisch Standard Nr. 381C + Farbchips (PDF Jan Hermkens)

Convert-Mix Color table; German RLM to RAL+ Colorchips Luftwaffe + Colors W.W. I (PDF Jan Hermkens)
Umstell-Mischtabelle Deutsche RLM auf RAL+ Farbchips Luftwaffe + Farben W.K. I (PDF Jan Hermkens)

Colorchips; Italien Airforce-Japanese Army&Navy-Russia-Turkey-Rumenia-Hungary (PDF Jan Hermkens)
Farbchips von Italien - Japan - Rusland - Turkey - Rumenia - Ungarn (PDF Jan Hermkens)

Color  Olive Drab History;
De Olive Drab Geschiedenis (PDF
Jan Hermkens)
Olive Drab History
Jan Hermkens)
Die Olive Drab Geschichte
Jan Hermkens)